Monday, June 09, 2008

Just a thought 

Via BusinessPundit, a list of the ten most expensive and ten cheapest states in which to buy gasoline. Did you know Minnesota was 7th cheapest? So let's take that ten cheapest list and add on the current rate of gas taxes (combined state and federal) in parentheses, data as of 1/08 via API. National average is 47.0 cents.

Wyoming����.$3.776 (32.4)
Iowa�������.3.813 (40.1)
Missouri�����.3.815 (36.0)
Oklahoma����.3.825 (35.4)
South Carolina�.3.828 (35.2)
Kansas������3.855 (43.4)
Minnesota����3.860 (40.4 42.4 on April 1)
Tennessee���..3.863 (39.8)
Mississippi����3.876 (37.2)
Alabama�����3.900 (38.6)

Obviously taxes aren't the only thing -- transportation costs make Alaska's gasoline price quite high even when it has the lowest state excise tax on gas -- but is Minnesota's place relative to Iowa a function of the transportation bill? Or is all the money coming from gas companies?

Don't know if our rank will change, but Georgia might soon appear on this list.

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