Friday, June 13, 2008

Finally - Senator Coleman - YES 

The mantra of conservatives and other reasonable Americans is now: "Drill here, drill now, pay less." To address our energy snafu, our Republican Senator, Norm Coleman has introduced a bill that makes very good sense.

SB 3126 includes the following, energy independent points:
1 - Drill off the continental shelf for oil.
2 - Tax credits for nuclear energy.
3 - Funding and credits for alternative sources.
We've seen the results of the 40-year partnership of the Democrats and environmentalists:
1 - Dependency for oil on enemies of freedom in general, the US in particular
2 - Sky-high gas prices because the economics of the market place finally reflect the absurdity of playing ostrich with energy demands: increased cost of building materials; increased food prices; (stock up on meat now - ranchers are dumping b/c they cannot afford feed - meat prices will jump in the fall);
3 - A refusal to build more refineries or nuclear plants yet France, the darling nation of the left, gets 75-80% of its power from nuclear plants but we Americans, with some of the most strict construction laws on the planet cannot build a nuclear power plant?
Benefits of energy independence include but are not limited to:
1 - Lower prices for energy - affects housing, driving, food production, etc.
2 - More private sector jobs (regardless of the Obama mantra, government solves very little but officials are very eager to tell us they do)
3 - Cheaper food
4 - Investment funds to continue to develop cleaner and more efficient products.
In other words, couple energy independence with American ingenuity, the entire planet wins!

Updates to come but this is terrific news! Thank you, Senator Coleman!

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