Monday, June 23, 2008

Feminists and Universities 

I've written on this feminist mindset in the past, here, here, and here among other posts. This post is lifting comments by feminist professors who attended what appears to be a second-tier conference for Medievalists, professors of medieval studies. A number of them are knowledgeable in their areas of expertise but too often, given the dumbing down of American education, the hard core courses of this topic are sorely lacking for students. So, these professors morph into other areas. Topics of some of the papers from the annual congress in Kalamazoo, MI. included: papers on human waste (yes, you read this correctly), disability studies in the middle ages, major distortions of classic literature with underlying themes not of content but application of today's social agenda to the classics and the typical rant by the feminists. It's not your grandparents' Middle Ages history.

This conference featured such terms as "heteronormativity," "hibridity, "heterosyncrasies" as well as the standard "patriarchy" and typical, defensive mindset. Guess you need a PhD. in something to understand most of these terms.

The feminists appeared in full force. Six female professors met the first day for a discussion by the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship. They concluded that feminists needed to redouble their efforts to fight patriarchy (the hardy feminist perennial). The round-table turned into whining, moaning and complaining. Why? Seems that a number of today's young women "don't want to take another feminist class." This was followed by a session devoted to strategies for sneaking postmodernist theory into the heads of reluctant undergrads who would rather not listen to this drivel. "In my students' demographic, they hear the word 'feminist' and they shut down."

I can tell you why - feminism is a losing proposition. BTDT. There is nothing to be gained when young people are exposed to "feminists" whose sole mission in life is to trash men, particularly white men. If you are a female and you want to succeed in life (versus live off the public dole in a university or government position), study something with some substance, like math, hard science, engineering, medicine, business, computers, economics, etc. If you don't want these areas, fine but don't sit around whining about lack of students in your "social" curriculum when the real issue is lack of content. As for students, continue to ignore the feminist babble so rampant on college campuses today and go study something worthwhile.

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