Friday, March 28, 2008

Women's Studies - What a Waste 

In past posts here, here I've written about feminist views on a number of items. Related to these posts is my belief that a degree in women's studies is the biggest waste of time and money a family and student can expend in an excuse for a college education.

Finally, one university has awakened to the uselessness of this field. Turns out London's Metropolitan University is dropping its undergrad program this summer - why, no interest. Maybe no interest because a degree in this topic area does not train one to think or prepare one for a career, a job or anything else productive.

A few years ago, one of the Twin Cities major papers (I forget which one) ran a front page article questioning the value of a college education. Seems a young lady had just graduated from one of our local private institutions (say $120,000 investment) with a degree in women's studies but couldn't find a job.

DUH - what does one learn in a women's studies curriculum? Do they learn about: Chinese foot binding; east African gender mutilation; the Hindu practice of making widows throw themselves on the burning funeral pyres of their husbands (until the Brits forced the end of this absurd practice); polygamy in the Middle East; "temporary" mandated marriages; etc. No, the female instructors of Women's Studies curricula focus on white men, period.

These feminists would like you to believe that they and only they are the reason women were able to get into a wider variety of industries. I hate to burst the bubble but it was the free market economy that opened up jobs to women. In the mid 1970's, the number of blue collar jobs fell below the number of white collar jobs. Guess which of these two categories can use the strengths of women better? Yep, white collar jobs.

Women's Studies has become a self-perpetuating whining industry within academia - get a master's or Phd. in women's studies, teach it and brainwash some more unsuspecting young women. Do they learn to think? No, they learn to assess blame for anything to men. At least one university has realized it's a total waste of time, money, energy, and education. I hope more will follow - a quick domino effect here would be beneficial to the planet.