Thursday, May 29, 2008

What I saw on the day before 

I've walked around the convention for several hours and the talk here is about the potential for a floor fight between Ron Paul supporters and the party regulars. There is a rally planned with Paul tomorrow morning at 7:30. One delegate said to me "I've been praying for rain;" the prayers are working as of right now, as thunder and lightning has just joined the steady rain that has been here for several hours. Go time is 9am for the convention, and most of the people I spoke with think the big action will happen right away.

Norm Coleman has been working the rooms so far tonight, visiting with delegates, taking pictures with them. I have not seen any other Federal elected officials yet. This being an uncontested endorsement, there will be a concerted effort to have that be the feel-good moment of the day tomorrow.

Compared with the Minneapolis Convention Center in 2006, the Mayo Civic Center feels a little more like a university gym converted for graduation. The Coleman and McCain campaigns have put up lots of posters and given it a somewhat more festive look, and I spotted a couple of banks of Paulsen signs.

We will be back on the air tomorrow at 5pm. I will post from the convention's media row during the day, so check back as you can for what news there may be tomorrow from here.

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