Saturday, April 12, 2008

MN Tax Payer Rally - 2008 

To those of you outside MN, here's the background: in 2006 MN Republicans, along with Republicans across the country, decided to stay home and "teach the Republicans a lesson." In MN, that "lesson" resulted in the largest tax increase in 150 years, courtesy of our DFL (Democrat, Farmer Labor party). Today we held our tax payer rally at the State Capitol in St. Paul, MN. The politicians who understand that the answer to our concerns and problems are not more taxes also attended. Included in these photos are these politicians, ones responsible with OUR money, including:

John Kline, Republican from MN's 2nd Congressional District

Michele Bachmann from MN's 6th Congressional District
Barb Davis White (in black cowboy hat), Republican challenger to Keith Ellison from MN's 5th Congressional District

Their speeches were electric and to the point. Below are photos from the rally. Remember, the Dems in DC are bent on driving the US economy into the ground with their passed and proposed tax increases. The DFL in MN is bent on driving MN's economy into the ground with their tax increase and plans for more. These increases at the state and national level will hurt every American who works, every one of us. It's time to stop - enough is enough.

Today's crowd estimate was 5000-7000. I'm no counter on this but the photos show a LOT of people.

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