Monday, February 25, 2008

Rules of the Game - Grow up Girls 

Listening to the feminists whine, moan and complain about poor Mrs. Clinton's treatment by the press is just making me gag. Grow up, girls, these are not playground games where little girls claim they want to compete with boys and then get the rules changed - this is life.

Many of today's feminists are claiming,"It's not fair. The press is attacking Hillary. She is being treated, like, well, a weak female. " (My paraphrasing.) Cokie Roberts on Stephanapoulos, DeeDee Myers on The Today Show, Ellen Goodman in the Pioneer Press, writer for the Boston Globe all running to Mrs. Clinton's defense because the press is well, not nice to Mrs. Clinton. Give me a break - the hit job by the New York Times on John McCain last week was a real hit piece - the puff balls being thrown at Mrs. Clinton (and Mr. Obama) can't hold a candle to what conservatives have to tolerate.

"The playing field isn't level." No, girls, it's not, never has been, never will be. It's called "who's in charge" and you whiners are not in charge. If your treatment of women who disagree with you is any indication, you wouldn't make the playing field level either, even if you were in charge.

Grow up, get over the victimhood mindset. Live is not fair. Life is not risk free. Mrs. Clinton chose to play in this game, believed she was "entitled" to Potus but she's not. She has accomplished relatively little on her own. She has ridden on her philandering husband's coattails. If she wants to play in the big leagues, she needs to learn the rules: stop whining (along with her "sisters"), stop crying (and running home to a girls school for support), and really earn it.

Frankly, I don't think she's got it. I'm not sure there's a woman today who does have what it takes to be POTUS. Obama doesn't have it either.

Women have had 40 years to make inroads in sciences, mathematics, corporations. They haven't in the numbers the fantasy dreamers thought up 40 years ago. Why not? Most don't want to. I know some who do but the majority of women do not. Those who like the hard sciences and mathematics do well and have no problems getting well-paying jobs. These women are bright and talented. They are not the empty suits comprising Phds. in "women's studies," social sciences and English professors. Nor are they the women who found their security in government jobs (to replace the men they trash so often).

Bottom line, feminists, stop your tired mantra and grow up or be quiet.