Thursday, March 27, 2008

WIll an A+ keep them at bay? 

I mean the single-payer health advocates, who probably are cursing into their green tea after reading that Minnesota is the healthiest state in the union.
That's according to CQ Press, which is out with its list of the most healthy and livable states for 2008.

Minnesota supplanted Vermont as the nation's most healthy state, marking the first time since 1999 that Minnesota has come out on top in the annual survey. In its "Health Care State Rankings 2008: Health Care Across America" survey released Wednesday, the publisher examined 21 factors such as access to health care providers, affordability of health care and the general health of the population to come up with this year's list.

New Hampshire came in second followed by Vermont, which won the award as the nation's most healthy state six out of the last seven years. Maine and Massachusetts round out the top five.

Also in the rankings was an emphasis on preventative care. "Congratulations to the very healthy citizens and leaders of Minnesota!" the introduction concludes.

What say you now, Sen. Berglin?

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