Monday, March 10, 2008

Profiles in courage, logrolling edition 

From the local paper, a supporter of the transit tax (and a very good friend of mine). I think he'd like to blow kisses to the Override Six, but it turns out kisses weren't the coin of the realm. Here are the 22 lines:
9.21(e) Of the total appropriation under this
9.22subdivision provided to the Department of
9.23Transportation's district 7, the commissioner
9.24shall first expend funds as necessary to
9.25accelerate all projects that (1) are on a trunk
9.26highway classified as a medium priority
9.27interregional corridor, (2) are included in the
9.28district's long-range transportation plan, but
9.29are not included in the state transportation
9.30improvement program or the ten-year
9.31highway work plan, and (3) expand capacity
9.32from a two-lane highway to a freeway
9.33or expressway, as defined in Minnesota
9.34Statutes, section 160.02, subdivision 19. The
9.35commissioner shall establish as the highest
10.1priority under this paragraph any project that
10.2currently has a final environmental impact
10.3statement completed. The requirement
10.4under this paragraph does not change the
10.5department's funding allocation process
10.6or the amount otherwise allocated to each
10.7transportation district.
BTW, while reading that I found a point that refutes the claim that no money from this bill goes to transit (that Chris' letter makes):
9.16(d) Of the total appropriation under this
9.17subdivision, the commissioner shall use at
9.18least $50,000,000 for accelerating transit
9.19facility improvements on or adjacent to trunk
Subd. 2.Multimodal Systems

(a) Transit


2.31This appropriation is from the general fund.
2.32This is a onetime appropriation.
(b) Rail


3.1This appropriation is from the general
3.2fund for a grant to the Northstar Corridor
3.3Development Authority to fund advanced
3.4preliminary engineering, updated
3.5environmental documentation, property
3.6appraisals, and negotiations with the railroad
3.7to extend commuter rail service on the
3.8Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail line
3.9between Big Lake and Rice. This is a
3.10onetime appropriation and is available until

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