Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How many people like this do I know? 

[Jack] Nelson-Pallmeyer, however, was barely civil, both during and after the debate. He spun every conspiracy fantasy known to the blogosphere about the Bush administration, and then added a couple original theories to boot. He seemed very self-satisfied in the manner of academics who just know they know everything. Nelson-Pallmeyer offered hysterics to an audience clearly receptive to them.

From Captain Ed, regarding the last man standing between the DFL endorsement and Al Franken. Anyone who is a professor of Justice and Peace Studies can be expected to behave this way, Ed. It's in their qualifying exams for the doctorate.

But at least Nelson-Pallmeyer isn't hiding in a music department.

I do not have a KAR signal to turn on, but I will remind you of a typical KAR discussion of St. Thomas' Peace Studies program. This is still in my top five favorite KAR posts, and their essay would certainly get an A- in the J&P program. B's are so fascist...

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