Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Forest Lake HS - You Missed it Big Time! 

This is a followup to this morning's post. Many of you know, after promising Pete Hegseth, a Forest Lake HS graduate, and his Vets for Freedom Tour an audience with 150 social studies students, the principal, Mr. Stassey, cancelled the session. Why? He claims there were parents and "others" who said it was a political event.

Since when does providing our youth with stories of real heroes equal politics? When the left gets so scared to hear the truth, they need to resort to intimidation. Unfortunately, far too many of our so-called educators, for a variety of reasons, have little or no backbone. I'll discuss why in another post.

Tonight, there was a SRO crowd at the Fort Snelling Officers Club. We heard from Pete, Mike Baumann, the MN Chair of Vets for Freedom(VFF), and some truly great American heroes - people who saved the lives of thousands of Iraqis based on their dedication, skill, leadership, and true American spirit. The photo at the top says it all - it's just too bad too many of our educators and media are afraid to hear good news about Americans. This is a war with worldwide members of a culture that is so ill it raises its kids to murder and maim, with a promise for heaven. Just think people, how sick is this? We raise ours to live. We will win this war but it will take longer than necessary because of the cowardice displayed by far too many teachers and others on the left.

The shot below shows the crowd early - by the time all arrived, there was not an empty space on the floor. The kids above - their dad is a real hero.

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