Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Only Leftist Politics Matter 

It is a very sad state of public education in the USA when school officials expose elementary school children to sexuality issues, AIDS, gay rights etcetera over the vehement objections of parents who wish to protect their children from this type of material at an early age


the same institution prevents high school students from being exposed to heroes, bonafide heroes, who are trying to protect the very system that that will not let them speak.

Forest Lake High School in Forest Lake, MN, home of Vets for Freedom Executive Director, Pete Hegseth, pulled the cowardly move of the day by refusing to let the national tour of Vets for Freedom meet with 150 social studies students. The excuse is listed here, it's very lame.

I hope the Forest Lake residents remember this when the next school board elections occur. You can voice your frustration with the superintendent, Lynn Steenblock by calling him at 651-982-8103. You can also reach the school board members here.