Thursday, February 21, 2008

When Government Cannot Stop 

The MN House passed a transit bill today, 89 to 44 in favor. This bill is not for roads, 75% is for "other" transit (read more light rail that will NEVER pay for itself), trails, etc. This bill is not for the metro area where 60-70% of the state's population resides. This bill is for special projects - it is a TRANSIT bill, not a transportation bill. Very little will help the Metro congestion problems.

The bottom line is that MN taxpayers who rank 11th in tax burden, will be gouged, again. - for what? The legislature could not even wait for the budget to be presented. No, the DFL club had to rush this bill through, the third day after the current legislative session started. What do you think these part time legislators were doing during their off-time? We're supposed to have a part-time legislature. Looks to me like this DFL club is far too eager to "need a year long session" to "get all the work done" - at our expense. They have gotten so busy doubling committees, spending our money on committees, and trying to find more ways to put their hands in our pockets, that they forgot, WE voted them in. Perhaps it's time for us to start finding ways to vote them OUT.

This political behavior of Democrats in general, and some guilt-ridden Republicans who think it is their duty to make the rest of us pay for their dreams is nuts. I'm reminded of this quote by Vernon Howard (word in parentheses is my paraphrase):
Permitting your life to be taken over by the (government) is like letting a waiter eat your dinner. (You pay, he wins.)
It is time Minnesotans say, "Enough is enough. Stop letting people gorge themselves at the government trough; stop spending MY money for unnecessary, irresponsible pet projects because you don't know how to say 'no'."

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