Friday, February 15, 2008

The all volunteer community service army 

It's one thing when you hear liberals argue that we need to re-institute the draft to share the costs of national defense (as for example Rep. Charles Rangel has proposed for years.) Liberals dragooning a certain segment of society to serve their political ends ... and have others pay the cost. The kind of thing we protest pretty regularly: See Milton Friedman or William Meckling.

So when people who claim to be conservatives write this...
Democrats like to talk about college affordability, but that�s the least important explanation for why so many students don�t complete college. The real reasons are that students are academically unprepared and emotionally disengaged. National service should be a rite of passage for 20-somethings, and these volunteers could mentor students through high school and college years.
...I want to retch. Arnold Kling says, "after you, Mr. Brooks." That would let Brooks off too cheaply.

If young people need mentors and you want to create a program to supply them, at least have the decency to pay for them out of tax dollars rather than enslave young people. "These volunteers"???? Bleah.