Monday, January 28, 2008

Isn't that special? 

Many years ago in New Hampshire there was a scandal of legislators staying in the capitol, Concord, for days upon days. The state law at the time said they were paid $3/day and if they could stay longer, they made more. Article 15 of the state constitution was changed in 1889 to say you could make only $200 per two-year term. Later on, the constitution was changed to limit the number of days legislators could take mileage (to a 90-day limit in 1960, t0 45 days in 1984, where it remains.) The Legislature of the state may call itself into special session by petition of 2/3 of each house if it wants, but there is not a dollar to be earned for the bother.

I would suggest that Speed Gibson take this then as a model for a new constitutional rule to Sen. Lyndon Carlson: We'll fix your pay, no per diem, and no extra money for staff, limited number of days for mileage, and in turn you can have special sessions on your own time as often as you can get 2/3 majorities in both houses to sign for them.

The very thought should be enough to get Rep. Tschumper to hug his cows rather than chasing his per diem.

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