Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cars of the academic 

Via Greg Mankiw, an article on what cars Harvard professors drive. I am reminded of this conversation on EconTalk where Mike Munger tells of a meeting of Duke department chairs. Everyone has a Prius or other hybrid. Next to last comes up the chair of chemistry, who argues that hybrid cars may use more energy (though less fuel) than gas vehicles. (Here's one report explaining why that might be so.) The chemist is then asked what he drives. "Oh, I drive a Prius, but that's just because you have to if you're gonna be a faculty member."

At Harvard, one environmental studies professor drives a '96 Suburban, arguing that he reduced his carbon footprint at home. But eight of 18 economists who answered the survey said they owned luxury cars. Most popular across the campus? The Subaru Forester.

(h/t: Greg Mankiw, proud owner of a BMW 330xi)

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