Monday, October 01, 2007

More on Burma/Myanmar 

My friend today told me that there is no word from family members in Burma/Myanmar. He did say the military junta was burning bodies, providing family members with a "token" of the murdered family member. As stated yesterday, she said far more have been murdered than the token 10 listed in the MSM.

As this report in National Review, via the London Times says, 1000s have been murdered and bodies are being dumped in a jungle. (You need to scroll down quite a way to find it.)

People, this is what dictators do - there are no courts, rights, freedom of speech. This is what happens when thugs grab power. Understand that in many parts of the Far East, monks are held in the highest esteem. To wantonly murder them shows what happens when thugs rule. We Americans have no clue, not a clue, as to how brutal and all-controlling totalitarian regimes can be.