Sunday, September 30, 2007

Myanmar and Religion 

Not much has been covered on the Buddhist monk demonstrations for democracy in Myanmar. They took to the streets starting about a week ago. The military junta let them protest for a couple of days then started a major crack down.

Curfews have been instituted - anyone on the streets after dark are shot. If you need emergency medical treatment, you not only have your medical problem but you also risk disappearing if shot. Unlike the rights driven west, rights mean nothing in a thugacracy.

One of my friends is from Myanmar. The name will be omitted to protect him/her. However he/she has not been able to contact family members for a few days now. Internet access has been severely restricted; phone calls are monitored. My friend says there are far more murders than reported in the press - the military junta shoots people, then removes the bodies - no trace, no way for any international rights organization to document. Family members won't know the status of loved ones for years, perhaps, never.

He/she says he/she prays every morning, Buddhist prayers, for the family. I mentioned, we remember the family in our prayers.

Buddhists, Christians, Jews, even Hindus can find a way to pray for others without demanding submission to their respective belief system. Food for thought.