Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I bet my readers do better 

The new National Assessment of Educational Progress report card for economics is out. There are some sample questions set up for you to try. Real Time Economics describes some of the results (I've added a few more):
As it is the first report card in economics we can't tell if we're getting a return on our investment. We do know that 2/3 of high school students now get a course in economics in high school, compared to less than half 25 years ago.

Here's the full report.

UPDATE: Greg Mankiw notes that those 2/3 who took the course did not do significantly better on NAEP than the third that did not. He thinks it has to do with the non-AP classes. My experience meeting AP teachers at economics challenges here at SCSU would support him regarding the AP teachers being of very high quality. I only watched a sample of one in a non-AP course: my son. Not exactly a representative sample.

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