Tuesday, May 22, 2007

With friends like this 

You know, sometimes being an ally is hard. Take this, for example, from Saint Paul.
Comments: Nobody deserves a stroke of lottery fortune less than Glen Taylor and Kevin McHale, the NBA's version of Bush/Rumsfield for 8-10 years. Of course, nobody deserves a stroke of lottery fortune more than KG, one of the few superstars with too much pride to ever bail on a sinking ship. Either that, or they're blackmailing him with a sex tape so he'll stay. But wouldn't it be nice to see KG play the David Robinson to Oden's Tim Duncan for the next 5-6 years? Hence, 10 points for "overdue good karma."

A media guy from Boston, I should have guessed as much. But if I want to get lame second guessing on complex issues of war and foreign policy, I'll read the Star Tribune editorial page. Bad Karma Simmons, may all the Celtics ping pong balls get stuck in the hopper tonight and they end up drafting Spencer Tollackson.
That's no ordinary media guy from Boston -- and God knows we've got lots of those. He refers to Bill Simmons, known originally as the Boston Sports Guy, who blogged sports before people had heard of blogs. Sports writers don't write for Jimmy Kimmel.

And then to curse the Celtics? It's not like we've had much for leadership there; we'll see your Kevin McHale and raise you M.L. Carr. We'll see your Malik Sealy and raise you Len Bias and Reggie Lewis. And you're Irish, for good measure? Isn't it bad enough Notre Dame sucks?

Fine, my friend. Keep rooting for the team that surrounds the most gifted player in the game with just enough talent to lose in the first round. Sam Cassell says hi.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to learn how to pronounce Yi Jianlian. I can get you a great deal on a Celtics jersey, with #35 on the back.

UPDATE (5/23): Yi, the Chinese Brad Lohaus.

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