Friday, May 25, 2007

Sneaky buggers 

I noted Wednesday that I thought the nanny state bill SF 434 was in the first conference report of the omnibus HHS bill that Governor Pawlenty vetoed. In his veto message he did not specifically state opposition to this measure, and as a result, buried in the new HHS bill passed, they've stuck that stinker in as the 17th article, at page 440. This is not subject to line-item veto, though appropriations to it are (but you have to get to pages 491-92 to find those monies.)

Face it, folks, we don't know everything in these bills. The governor's office, thankfully, has staff ready to do such reading.

UPDATE (5/26): Alas, he's signed it and did not veto the money. He did cut almost $15 million out of this huge bill, but not the money for this new invasion into our families.

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