Thursday, May 03, 2007

The jerks you elect 

The DFL, so adept at shooting hostages, decided to shoot Rogers today.
The Legislature is ready to extend a helping hand to flood-damaged Browns Valley. But lawmakers are rejecting a similar plea for the suburban city of Rogers, which was hit by a deadly tornado last fall.

The differing responses provoked some sharp partisan exchanges Thursday when the Browns Valley bill cleared a House committee controlled by Democrats.

"This sure reeks of politics," lamented Rep. Brad Finstad, R-Comfrey.

Browns Valley would receive $2 million to rebuild after March flooding. The city near the South Dakota border is represented by Democratic Rep. Paul Marquart of Dilworth.

Republican Rep. Joyce Peppin of Rogers sought to tack on $1 million in aid to help residents of the suburban city in her district rebuild after the September twister.

Marquart said he never intended "to pit one disaster against another." But he opposed the addition of the Rogers money because he fears it would slow approval of the aid for Browns Valley.

Why would adding a million in support for Rogers slow approval of the Browns Valley aid?

Could it be...
"Everything is fun and games until someone gets an eye poked out, and the governor just poked out my eye by vetoing this bill," said Sen. Steve Murphy, DFL-Red Wing. "I think that is a clear indication he wants a train wreck at the end of session. He wants the Legislature to fail, and he wants to blame us."
(h/t: Gary, who has more.)

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