Thursday, May 24, 2007

Faster, Johnny! Print faster! 

Larry Schumacher does some good shovel work, finding out when the bills passed Monday in the frenetic close of the Legislature will get to the Governor's desk.

Brian McClung, Gov. Tim Pawlenty's spokesman, told the Capitol press corps today that Pawlenty has so far received only the Economic Development budget bill. He got it on Tuesday and must sign or veto it by midnight Friday.

The Health and Human Services and State Government budget bills will arrive Thursday and must be signed or vetoed by midnight Saturday.

The Higher Education and E-12 Education budget bills and the Taxes bill won't be coming until Tuesday, giving Pawlenty until midnight June 1 to sign or veto them.

The word is that the backlog from Monday night is pretty thick at the Office of the Revisor of Statutes, which must draft bills and prepare them to present to the Governor's office, and it's taking a while to sort out.

So if it takes that long to get them printed, how the heck did anyone on the House floor know what they were voting on? Did anyone have time to read? And did anyone care?

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