Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The ex-legislator employment plan 

The Minnesota Senate declined to stop their former colleagues from lobbying them. Gary has details. This appears to be a bi-partisan action to be sure senators who fail to retain their offices still have the ability to get money in St. Paul, though I don't know what the per diem would be.

UPDATE: It dawns on me as I drive home: This was the amendment that Rep. Steve Sviggum had worked hard to get into a bill earlier this year. Its authorship was bipartisan too. But I received a note today that the House had passed HF1048, which eliminates the Department of Employee Relations but saves every job in the place except one, commissioner Patricia Anderson, the former state auditor. She's managed to work herself out of St. Paul. Maybe that can be an example for others.

Oh gosh, just saw that Bob Collins used the same title. Like THAT happens every day!

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