Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Today's menu for the starving state senator 

Comes from La Grolla, quite close to the Capitol and the theme today is citrus.

Crab cakes, $9
Stone crab cakes stuffed with buffalo mozzarella, red and yellow bell peppers, jalapeno and cayenne citrus sauce. Served with mesculin salad.
Roquefort and pear salad, $7.95
Mixed baby greens with crumbled Roquefort, pears, grapes, and spiced pecans, citrus vinaigrette.
Pollo alla erbe, $16.50
Grill marinated chicken breast with fresh herbs, garlic citrus sauce.
I don't know the wine list there, but it's likely you could find a nice riesling to accompany this meal; if the wine is $6 per glass have two and you're still good for a $60 tab.

The Winona Daily News has noticed the prices of a senator's meal:
We are disappointed that as (Senator Steve) Murphy sits on the transportation committee, speaking about the paucity of funds, he has taken thousands away from those projects and given it to himself.

We are disappointed that (Sen. Sheila) Ropes decided to put her needs in front of those of her constituents. On the campaign trail, she often told of learning the ropes when she was a school board member � she worked in the lunchroom, watched children on the playground and knew the state of health care from her time as a nurse. Hopefully, she hasn�t too quickly forgotten that those people who left a lasting impression on her are the same ones who could never afford $96 per day on food, yet are the same ones footing the bill.

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