Friday, March 02, 2007

Tips for a starving senator 

Some commenters have asked whether I have unfairly assessed the MN state senators' per diem without accounting for housing costs. I have not; the senators receive a housing allowance that is not in the per diem. I haven't verified the number yet, but I believe it's $1200 per month, and I don't believe it ends with the legislative session. I'm checking on this to be sure.

While I attend to that, here's today's dining tip, Fhima's. The theme is fish. Our bedraggled senator can begin with the Moroccan Caesar salad and splurge for the cumin-dusted anchovies on top if she wishes ($7), enjoy a petite bouillabaisse ($8), and then have the sole almondine ($22). (I really wrestled with the seafood paella instead, for a few dollars less, but sole is soul.) Still enough left for a glass of chardonnay on the side and get in under $60 with tax and tip, or have dessert.

You might even still have a little money left in your pocket for a coffee afterwards, or do the dry cleaning (which in fact does come out of your per diem, or at least it does when I travel for government business; my MN per diem to high-price cities like DC is $42.)

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