Monday, March 05, 2007

Silly stuff keeps coming 

Just because we've had a winner in the poll doesn't mean the silly bills introduced in the Legislature have stopped. Not at all! Here are a few more introduced just last two weeks.
Meanwhile, the folks in Alexandria are not too keen on our glass-on-your-pontoon-boat bill:

Douglas County Sheriff Troy Wolbersen thinks these types of rules are more about common sense and don�t have to be controlled in statute form by government.

�Rules are posted and most often, people follow them,� he said. �This has never really been an issue.�

Plus, he noted, it would be tough to enforce that type of law � especially on a lake � because boaters could simply hide the glass containers if they saw an officer approaching.

Hide it!?! Wow, I'd've never thought of that! Amazing what you learn on the Group W bench.

Fritz Bukowski from Lakes Area Recreation, who manages the two public beaches in the Alexandria area, feels the same way.

�This is a common sense rule,� said Bukowski. �And we haven�t had a problem at the beaches. People respect the rules we have posted.�

Bukowski called the bill �unique� and said it would be a nightmare to try to enforce.

At both public beaches in the area � Latoka and Geneva � there are rules posted on signs for beach goers that do not allow glass containers, alcohol or dogs, Bukowski noted.

He added that there haven�t been any problems in the past and that he doubts there will be problems in the future because most beach goers are respectful people.

That's thought seems to lost on Mr. Welti.

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