Wednesday, March 07, 2007

If it's well done 

Marty reads this article and responds, "I don't believe it." The reason he doesn't believe 'it' -- that a liberal arts education can prepare you for a profession in business or health -- is probably that his conception of a liberal arts education doesn't involve the things on the list of what the article says a liberal arts education does:
In order to analyze information and solve problems you have to get practice in ... analyzing information and solving problems. A traditional liberal art, including the art history major whose story begins the article, may have some ability in that area. I believe you get more of that practice in economics as a liberal art -- more than economics as a business discipline, by the way, but let me just flag that for a future post -- than you do in most liberal arts, but traditional liberal arts programs in psychology or political science can do this, too. I think that's why our majors have a distinct advantage in the workplace.

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