Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I know nothing about hockey 

Comments about the quality of the St. Cloud Times interactive bracket (and the quality of St. Cloud hockey fans) are small salve for the guy who had to tolerate Rick Barnes and D.J. Augustin blowing up his NCAA brackets. (By the way, I actually saw Danny Ainge sitting with Kevin Durant's family, for which Ainge now owes the NBA $30,000. If we sign Durant, Danny should be compensated.)

I obviously know nothing about hockey (the parenthetic note above should be proof of which sport I follow) but I will say that the team goes as far as the goalie takes them. Having had Bobby Goepfert and Nate Raduns both as students, I can say firmly that if they're as good hockey players as they are students and young men, we're in good shape. Nate, by the way, is up for the Lowe's Senior CLASS Award -- Celebrating Loyalty and Achievement for Staying in School -- so how 'bout everyone go vote for him? Notice: no Gophers on that list.

I also know we beat Clarkson twice, here, early in the season, and Maine is experiencing the same late-season swoon we are. So if we can get Bobby rested up and the offense actually getting shots on goal again, it's possible to see SCSU in the Frozen Four.

But again, I know nothing about hockey. Just waiting for Durant and baseball...

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