Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I did not know that 

Matt makes a great point on the discussion of ending Wisconsin students' reciprocity with the State of Minnesota.
Given the disparity, some Minnesota lawmakers have called for Wisconsin students to join their Gopher peers in paying Minnesota in-state tuition. Never mind that under the reciprocity agreement, the state of Wisconsin reimburses the state of Minnesota for the difference � except this money goes into the general fund, not to Minnesota's colleges and universities!
Ah, all is now clear. It's a money grab by the U., where Matt shows how tuition has increased more than at Wisconsin. And what value we get for our money!

It is obvious he did not use U.S. News and World Report's 2006 edition of America's Best Colleges. That publication has several different rankings that include both the U of M in Minneapolis and UW-Madison. Its ranking of the top 50 public national universities places UW Madison eighth and the U of M Minneapolis in a four-way tie for 30th place.

In its broader ranking of the best national universities (248 public and private schools), UW Madison is in a three-way tie for 34th and the U of M Minneapolis is in a four-way tie for 74th.


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