Monday, February 26, 2007


We're running off the two bills that have won the last two weeks of the "most silly bill introduced by the DFL in the MN House" contest. The poll sits at the top of the right index. Please vote for either the Sex Ed for Kindergartners Act or the Freedom to Use Anyone's Toilet Act. Links to the bill language are provided within the poll.

Lest you think these are nothing bills going nowhere, read Rep. Steve Gottwalt's comments from Friday.
We tried! I went after Rep. Laine strong & true on how invasive and instrusive is HF595. But it passed the committee on a party line voice vote. In case anyone out there thinks majority is unimportant -- GUESS AGAIN!!! We're hopelessly outnumbered on these committees, and on the House floor. For those who thought they elected a new moderate, bipartisan majority -- GUESS AGAIN!!! The DFL, particularly the 35 new DFL freshmen, are as partisan as ever. No one's straying from the caucus line. So much for bipartisanship! If you want common sense government, you'd better switch the majority next time around!
I am waiting to see if HF 1015 gets a committee hearing. That should be rich.

I have another list of silly bills, but as promised we'll have the runoff first. The hits keep rolling in!

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