Monday, February 12, 2007

Our poll: Pick the MOST ridiculous DFL legislation introduced 

During Saturday's broadcast we announced that we would create a new poll that would determine the most ridiculous piece of legislation introduced by the DFL in the Minnesota Legislature in the last thirty days. We hope to be able to periodically refresh this poll with new legislation as it is introduced, to see if a new piece can knock off the defending champion. Bills that weren't chosen here -- and these are mostly my choice, with some input from Michael, and reading a couple of pieces like this from Drew Emmer -- may be proposed for a second poll if you think this doesn't represent the most egregious stuff. Herein your first poll; links go to the text of the legislation.

Pick the most ridiculous bill offered by the Minnesota DFL in this legislative session.
HF 522 No ketchup on your pontoon boat
HF 620 Seat belts for shopping carts
HF 595 The baby inspection bill
HF 615 Sex ed begins in kindergarten
HF 446 Protecting you from light pollution
HF 757 $500k for a regional community center in Upsala
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The winner will be announced on next Saturday's NARN's The Final Word broadcast between 3-5pm. The author of this bill will be invited as a guest (though something tells me we will have some scheduling problems.)

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