Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mmmmmmmmmm! Flatliner fries! 

Gary asks whether St. Cloud will have a Heart Attack Grill? Gary seems too modest to post the home page, probably because of those nurse outfits. Cheesy indeed.
�Nurses are the most sexually fantasized-about profession,� said Sandy Summers, executive director of the [C]enter [for Nursing Advocacy]. �We�re asking people, if they�re going to have these fantasies, please don�t make it so public. Move these sexual fantasies to other professions.�
St. Cloud does not need this on top of the new Hooters and the roving pr0notrailer for the adult supper club up the road. (I'm fully expecting Foot to report on this.) Besides, when it comes to fattening food, we have Arby's!