Friday, November 17, 2006

But I like Arby's! 

The front page of this morning's paper tells us we have made some list that calls St. Cloud one of the absolutely worst places to live in America.
The St. Cloud area is nationally known for its granite, higher education institutions and, more recently, for its "buffet grazers." ...according to author Dave Gilmartin.

His tongue-in-cheek book, released last month, pokes fun at St. Cloud as being ideal habitat for "dazed and ill-prepared college students," "mall rats" and "obese buffet grazers."

"If its endless below-zero winter doesn't kill you, its soul-killing culture of sheer hopelessness surely will," Gilmartin writes in "The Absolutely Worst Places to Live in America."

It also has "quite possibly the most number of Arby's per capita." The St. Cloud area has three Arby's restaurants.
So where does Mr. Gilmartin live?

New Jersey.

Pot(belly), meet kettle.