Monday, September 25, 2006

Administrative overload 

Remember the story of Karen Murdock, the professor at Century College who created a campus stir for posting the Mohammed cartoons behind a curtain? When we last checked in, her campus had created a policy for departmental bulletin boards. Quite content to leave those be, Professor Murdock proceeded to put up her own bulletin board, next to her office. Many of the faculty in my university have these, and it's not unusual to see some rather outrageous things there as well as on their doors. I'd rather not take them down -- I prefer to expose them. (Sorry to say, the pictures were recently lost when BlogSpot took down my stuff. That's OK.)

But Prof. Murdock's superiors have asked her to take down her own bulletin board, which she put up without so much as drilling a hole, i.e., one had already been there. Are we now in the business of stopping all individual postings? What's next? Her website (were she to develop one)? Her classroom?