Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Your office door of the week #2 

So you're a new student at SCSU, and you've taken an introductory class in a social science.  You have some political views, perhaps, and perhaps you are raised to not use bad words in public.  You have a question of your professor and you ask if you can come to office hours.  "Sure, I'll be there at 2pm.  If the door's closed, just knock."  So at the appointed hours you come to the door, and it's closed.  As you begin to knock you see there's only one sign on the door.

The first thought through your head is:
a.  "Ah, here's a place for reasoned discussion, just why I came to SCSU."
b.  "I guess I don't have to watch what I say in here."
c.  "So that's how you spell that!  I thought it was two words."
d.  "Better hide my Bush/Cheney button."

UPDATE:  Shawn says it's the same at UMD, which did not prepare him for these kinds of tests.

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Posted by King : 10:57 AM