Monday, June 12, 2006

Local tour 

On June 5th, a comment:
I'd like to talk sometime about how abused I feel as a reporter by these fly-around press conference/photo ops. I don't think they do much in the way of enlightening readers.
DFL-endorsed candidates for governor (Mike Hatch), US Senate (Amy Klobuchar), AG (Matt Entenza), Secretary of State (Mark Ritchie) and State Auditor (Rebecca Otto) will be flying in to St. Cloud Regional Airport Tuesday for a press conference.

It's scheduled for 4:15 p.m., probably at the general aviation terminal (it doesn't say on the release) and will include DFL state party chairman Brian Melendez.
Now Larry notes he will not cover this in the name of fairness, which I appreciate. But the best part is this:
I realize this is a fly-around of statewide DFL-endorsed candidates, but does it seem as though someone might be missing from this list who could reasonably be expected to be there, at least for this stop?
Well, he'd've known that her opponent wasn't at the GOP tour stop either if the "dog hadn't ate his press release". Still, Bachmann would have had to come all the way across the district.

In related news, Steve Gottwalt announced he was in for the HD 15A endorsement, and has an endorsement challenge from SD 15 chair Roger Knauss. I guess I'll have to go watch that one.