Monday, June 05, 2006

Gottwalt to run in HD 15A? 

So says St. Cloud Times reporter Larry Schumacher.
Gottwalt, who's been on the city council since 1998, said he's cleared it with his family and has met with House Speaker Steve Sviggum, R-Kenyon.
There isn't a whole lot of difference between Gottwalt and retiring incumbent Jim Knoblach. The DFL endorsed Diana Murphy-Podawiltz last weekend, and in comments on that Times web page her opponent in the endorsement battle this weekend -- Anne Nolan, who lost the race to Knoblach last time -- said there wasn't an issue that divided them. There is a pretty substantial difference between Gottwalt and Murphy-Podawiltz, and if it comes to that it would be fun race to watch.

Larry dug up a number of other names for the 15A nomination. I doubt any run against Gottwalt if Steve chooses to run. I have heard no names for 15B on the GOP side (to run against incumbent Larry Haws) yet either except for Sue Ek, who was unable to run last time due to residency issues. But the latest skinny is that, while residency has been met, she is not inclined to run again.

UPDATE (6/6): Nolan says she is misrepresented to say there is no issue that divides her and Murphy-Podawiltz, just none that were listed in the article. When I asked her to identify it, she declined, ending the discussion with a rather coy "it's obvious". Yes, I knew she was pro-life, and if asking her to state that she was pro-life and Murphy-Podawiltz (I assume -- she has no issues page yet, but there's no other possible answer I can see) is not is "baiting", then one must ask why? Can't pro-life Democrats run for office anymore (see Tinklenberg, Elwyn)? Can't pro-choice Republicans? It seems that both parties have a problem with allowing for meaningful differences within their ranks. If not, why was Nolan reluctant to point to it?

You also need to ask why the Times didn't report the difference.