Thursday, December 08, 2005

Where in the world is Sue? 

The worst-kept secret story in St. Cloud went public this morning with a St. Cloud Times article on the residency of Sue Ek, candidate for state House District 15B. Her family has lived here a very long time, and according to Larry Schumacher's story the family also owns houses in St. Paul from which they run a family planning organization of which Sue Ek is executive director. She has lived in the St. Paul residence for some time, and registered to vote there. Schumacher says he has records showing she registered and voted in St. Paul from 2001 to early this year. Ek says she voted here in the Sept. primary and November election for local candidates.

The DFL has been shopping this story for quite some time as I mentioned yesterday, and last night the story popped up on lots of local DFL-friendly blogs.

I'm trying to find out how one determines where one has voted, and I'm trying to find out what records Ek would need to show she had established residency in St. Cloud. Given her parents own both the homes she's lived in, the documents one might normally have, like a lease or utility bill, aren't available to her. I will update this if/when I get an answer to that question.

I notice she has an empty blog (if you click here, watch out for pink! This appears to be a theme color for her.)

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