Monday, May 22, 2006

Now we know how she'd vote 

I'll have a longer note on the Twins deal when the smoke clears later today, but I did want to make note of Eva's point on Sen. Tarryl "Blue Dress" Clark's vote on the stadium and removing the ability of Hennepin County voters to decide if they wanted to pay for it. I had a chance private conversation with her on this in February, and at that time she said she did not see herself voting to deny the vote to Hennepinians. I heard Marty and Tony say on their show Sunday that when they inquired of her vote, her office said she would not decide until it was time to vote. Well, now we know.

Now she ends up on the side of the DFL contribution to a bipartisan deal to pass the deal and stick Hennepin with the bill. It is interesting that it is newer representatives and senators (like Clark, Larry Haws, Larry Hosch, and Dan Severson) who have been sent to vote for the bill.