Tuesday, January 31, 2006

They know me too well 

Funny and slightly uncomfortable moment this AM: Coming back from a meeting in the student union, I pass by someone familiar-looking in the hallway of my own office and classroom building. She turns and addresses me by name, and sure enough if it isn't Senator Tarryl Clark. We chatted for five or more minutes in the hallway, and she says to me that she reads the blog and that her office intends to send me a pail for the next election. Touche, madam!

I did put to her the question a couple of people asked me -- what is her feeling about the stadium issues? It turns out she and I agree that local voters should have a chance to decide if they want to pay for a stadium in their jurisdiction. I don't think that's a hard position to take, but someone might want to get that message to our governor and the logrolling speaker of the house. I didn't ask her about this morning's Times editorial on eminent domain reform, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn she agrees with it. Overall the conversation was quite agreeable; she has all the people skills others had told me she had.

This woman is everywhere and working groups around town, and is informed about issues. And to prove the point, within an hour I saw her again talking to leaders of a local business group at a coffee shop as I ducked in for one last cup after picking up my car from the garage. Note to Republican leaders: If you want this seat back, you better get serious, soon.

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