Friday, March 17, 2006

OK, we get the point 

Over the last week we have received a series of announcements that no doubt relate to the little soldier I got before spring break:
On Monday, March 20, KVSC {the campus radio station -- kb} will suspend regular programming to broadcast a special all-day event entitled, Fight for Peace: A History of Peace and Protest Music - Its Impact on Society and Culture. The event is designed to bring attention to the third anniversary of the Iraqi War. Throughout the day, KVSC will focus on providing its listeners with an intelligent balance of peace-inspired music and topic-related news segments.

March 22nd
Winter Soldier
For the week of the three year anniversary of the Iraq War, the Social Responsibility program is sponsoring this powerful documentary of the testimony of Vietnam war veterans on the atrocities they committed or witnessed. Given the emerging information about the US use of torture, extraordinary renditions, use of chemical weapons, etc., this film challenges what we might think soldiers are taught, what they are expected to do, and what are standard operating procedures during war.

March 20 11:10 am: WALK OUT AGAINST THE WAR, meet at Atwood Mall, march will proceed through Stewart Hall and loop around through the Miller Center and end in Atwood. {note, Stewart Hall is a building with classrooms, and includes my office -- expect photos}

In short, it's antiwar week on campus (which gives it something in common with fifty-one other weeks of the year hereabouts) and the leftist rhetoric will blow with gale force next week. Such events will occur on campuses around America, and the press will undoubtedly give them large megaphones.

And of course campuses are places where such things would happen, but God forbid an affirmative action bake sale. Free speech for me but not for thee, because thy speech is irresponsible.