Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Noted locally 

A blog has formed to keep track of SD 15 DFL candidate Tarryl Clark. A phone bank for Clark already hit our house tonight, so she's moving off her loyal list already. She is running against Dan Ochsner, whose campaign website is still "coming soon". Um Ox? You have less than three weeks.

Clark has a good deal of experience, having run against now-Mayor Dave Kleis twice for the senate seat, losing both times. So you would think she would relish getting Ochsner in a debate to show off her advantages. But she's asked the Chamber of Commerce to reschedule the event. The problem? It was to be held at a time coinciding with Ochsner's show on KNSI, the local news station that was going to broadcast the event live. She's also unhappy that KNSI has not taken down their billboards that promote Ox's show.
�It looks like they�re promoting him as a candidate,� Clark said. �I�m just asking them to stop and do the right thing.�

The billboards have him with a mike talking to Kinsie, his Westie, with a slogan "Caution: We do animal testing." (That might not be exact -- I'm doing this from memory.) I think 'promoting him as a candidate' is a bit of a stretch. The radio show has a substitute host -- as required by law -- and they call it "Hot Talk Without the Ox" currently. As the station president John Sowada points out, the show is still their property and they have a right to promote it.

Noted as well: Republican House 15B candidate Sue Ek is running ads on local cable. Must have more than a few bucks, and she needs it: Most people I speak to in town have no idea who she is -- she is author of a book on natural family planning and teaches in that area -- but everyone knows her opponent, Larry Haws.