Friday, December 09, 2005

The last straw 

Turns out Sue Ek signed an affadavit July 9th in St. Paul, asserting the St. Paul residence is a home office. It's the headline story in this morning's paper, and this would appear to make her ineligible for office for the Minnesota House. Nice bit of digging around by Larry Schumacher at the Times, who undoubtedly got help from someone in the People's Republic of St. Paul politburo. For all intents and purposes, though, this election is over.

UPDATE: I listened on the radio this morning to the debate between Ek and Larry Haws (or Larry Haw-Haw as I call him, as he sounds like a Lake Woebegon character.) Ek took her opening statement to address the Times article. She failed spectacularly, in my opinion, to say anything that contradicted the evidence Schumacher presented. Unless I had something substantial to say, I would not have said anything; if there's nothing to say to combat the claim, I can't imagine why I would not withdraw my candidacy.

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