Friday, December 16, 2005

If it's in the bag, why are you still shopping? 

Early enough into this Sue Ek story, I heard from people that the damage was done and that she was toast. If so, why did the state DFL send out a hit mailing on Sue to my house today? Full page, glossy. And why do I get nightly phone bankers calling urging me to vote for their candidates?

If you think she's toast, you should save your money for the next election in a year. Your candidate has kept his mouth shut, perhaps to keep people guessing on his positions. The last thing I can find on him is "borderless government".
Haws says he�ll work to improve health-care, transportation and education funding, meanwhile, Ek says lowering taxes is a top concern. However, there are other issues in Central Minnesota that both candidates want to address. Haws wants to work on borderless government and Ek want to move ahead with transporation. The two disagreed on government involvement in building new hospitals. Haws believes government needs to be involved in the process; Ek disagrees and feels it should be private.
I.e., Larry wants more of your money and governmental structures that can change when it's time to spend even more of it. I cannot wait for him to be debated more often. Maybe this is why I get a mail drop and nightly calls.

UPDATE: Larry used to have a blog. A big one. It's gone now. Developing?

UPDATE 2: This looks bad for Ek.

Sue Ek�s candidacy for state representative took a major hit Friday when a Ramsey County judge ruled that she hasn�t lived in St. Cloud long enough to qualify for a Dec. 27 special election.

The order from Judge George T. Stephenson, made public at about 7:15 p.m., said no credible evidence had been received at a Friday hearing to show that Ek lived anywhere other than St. Paul on June 27.

That was just the trial of fact. The ruling on her candidacy comes Monday. If she is tossed, the DFL spent its money for nothing. They obviously thought enough of the possibility that she wins to do the direct mail.