Friday, November 18, 2005

NFL: Not much here this week 

I split last week 2-2, but the bets on the two winners were larger than the losses on the two losers, so the bankroll is now up to $1,020.50. Whatever made me think the Chiefs would be a good road team??? Ick. Perhaps I'm gunshy, but I don't see much on this week's board. So here are only two games I like, and I'm light on these even.
  1. Oakland at Washington (-6). There's a pretty standard rule that you bet the home team when the visitor travels three time zones. Washington is also in a bad mood after the ripoff they took last week. If the Redskins can score 35 on Tampa Bay, they should be good for a dime more against the Raiders. Take Washington at home, lay the six, for $33. (The over is a good bet here as well at 43.)
  2. Pittsburgh (-3.5) at Baltimore. Yes, it's Tommy Maddox under center, but this is a team that runs and runs and runs. They won't take the Ravens lightly this time, and there's no way that defense plays as well as it did a few Monday nights ago. Bet $22 on the Steelers and give the points.