Friday, October 28, 2005

Oh yoohoo! Mister Foo-oot! Over heeeerrre! 

As promised Wednesday, I am creating a sidebar on the Footflash Football Follies, particularly with Flash busily thanking the special prosecutor for his single Hot Wheel. Vincent is invited to join in the festivities.

Bankroll $1000. Betting $11 to win $10 on each game. Lines via Sportsbook. Only playing spreads here. If you're stupid enough to actually put money based on what I wrote, please send email at

How bad are the Ravens? Bad enough to get this question-and-answer with Baltimore coach Brian Billick and the Pittsburgh press:
Have you thought at all about giving Kordell (Stewart) a shot?

No, we are anxious to get Kyle Boller back.

I think I broke a rib laughing. Let's have some of that. $55 on the Steelers, -10 on Monday night versus Baltimore.

Next, calling out LF on his pick of the Arizona-Dallas game. In case he hasn't noticed, which apparently he hasn't, Drew Bledsoe has put up OK numbers with fellow former Patriot Terry Glenn. Dallas at home is a very difficult team to beat, and I see the Cardinals laying a big egg without Kurt Warner yet back. $44 on the Cowboys, -9 versus the Cardinals.

We'll go lightly on the third game. Cincinnati, after being the trendy pick the first six weeks, gets dope-slapped to reality by the Steelers last week. They're home this weekend again agains the lowly Packers, before they go next week to Baltimore and then the bye. This could be a game they overlook, and they may feel a little underconfident. They've mostly won by getting massive turnovers from weak teams like ... the Vikings. I have a feeling this is the week Favre bears down and doesn't throw interceptions. I'm not saying the Packers win this name, but we'll put $22 on the Packers +9 at the Bengals.

Total wagered: $121. Left in bankroll: $879.