Wednesday, October 26, 2005

FootFlash Football Festival, Week 7 

Even though Flash appears hopelessly behind, I suppose we'd best continue with this event. You never know when the worm might turn. And regarding my observation Monday that Learned the Greek needs to step up to the big leagues and bet against me, well, his choice. Starting Friday, King's Kicks, a place for you to kick away your hard-earned money. $1000 to start, as if you're in Vegas, with vig assessed on each bet.

Meanwhile, here in the kiddy pool are this week's selections.

  1. Arizona @ Dallas (-9). OK, explain to me why you want either side of this bet. Josh McCown has hung onto the starting job because either a) he has a picture of Dennis Green in corpus flagrante with a goat on a boat on Lake Minnetonka or b) Mrs. Kurt Warner is lobbying to keep her husband home to take out the trash. Meanwhile, Tuna changes kickers and wonders if Quincy Carter would have thrown that duck at the end of the Seahawk game. People still think these teams are contenders. In the NFC, alas, they are.
  2. Miami "@" San AntonioNew Orleans (-2). I thought at first -2 was the over-under number for yards gained by Ricky Williams. New Orleans beat Buffalo at "home" well and now gets the Fish. Paul Prudhomme must be contemplating jambalaya with this group.
  3. Jacksonville (-2.5) @ St. Louis. Am I the only person who's going to miss Mike Martz calling timeouts on 2nd and 6 from the Ram 24 because he just had a great idea/brain fart? Psst, St. Louis: Fisher DeBerry might be available. Am I the only person who thinks Bryan Leftwich is football's answer to the Black Knight? Stop telling me to feel sorry for David Carr -- the Jags seem to enjoy watching Leftwich get smacked like Curly Howard. This game's fun for two reasons -- you really need to pay attention to the Ram injury report, and these teams have never played each other.
In other news, I'm shocked to find out a WNBA star is lesbian. Just shocked. Next thing you know, someone will tell me Bill Romanowski used steroids. Now wouldn't that just be the berries!?!