Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Compassion Carousel 

With the release of Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the Libyan nationalist who was responsible for the murder of 270 people aboard Pan Am Flight 103 and on the ground on December 21, 2988, a thinking person has to wonder just what is to be gained by telling the world for the umpteenth time that the west is so compassionate they would release a cold-blooded murderer.

You have to hand it to the supporters and perpetrators of terrorism - they know how to play on western guilt. They play the 'compassion' card, constantly demanding more ____ for the members of their human subset community who commit horrendous atrocities. Yet they ignore entirely, the pain and anguish for family and friends who lose loved ones to planned assassinations.
Demands for compassion include:
1 - Don't execute the terrorists because eliminating someone who wantonly murders others means that the west is just well, not compassionate.
2 - Don't sentence him to life in prison because that person may just be able to be rehabilitated (ignore the recidivism rate of criminals).
3 - In American and most western run prisons, inmates are given quality life care including entertainment appropriate to their belief systems, medical care, dental care, visitors, recreation, attorneys, etc. There is no way these procedures would be available in most of their native countries.
4 - Heaven forbid, a murderer of 270 should die in prison.
5 - How many compassionate actions will it take to get approval from the secular left before they realize that, unfortunately, there are some really bad people in the world?

I believe that no matter what the west does, it will never, ever be enough to satisfy people who conveniently blame others for their misfortunes and ignore their own historical slaughters.

Bottom line - reviewing the celebration given Abdel Baset al-Megrahi in Libya, one must conclude they have played us for chumps, again. Appeasement does not work, especially with people who believe everything they do is correct and everything the west does is wrong.

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