Monday, October 22, 2007

This is just sad 

Hey Duane. Your team gets bounced in the first round because they don't believe they can beat the Red Sox, so you jump onto the Indians bandwagon with the boss. And now this?
Go Rocks. You are a team of destiny. Do not let that big, ugly green wall bother you. Sorry, Tribe. The bandwagon started losing the air out of the tires in game 5.
Pathetic. Are you going to help pick the Game 5 National Anthem singer next?

Hugh pulls his head up from Terry Pluto's behind long enough to wish us well. I thought they were the better team going in, but they could not solve their pitching problems as well as the Sox solved theirs. That's what makes October great. You left a team for dead on Tuesday, and less than a week later they are -240 to win the Series.

Two words: Dave Roberts. If you saw that coming, stop reading this blog and go to Vegas now.

But that doesn't stop the excitement.

It is a little weird this time; this team hasn't been to the WS without the Curse thing hanging over us. We always expect to win; without the Curse we don't have the "we're owed" thing going any more. That was paid up in the 90 feet from first to second.

Who's Dave Roberts this time?

UPDATE: Fraters delenda est.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Life is good 

Baseball begins, and even on the Commissioner's blog I can learn that Curt Schilling has a blog. Dean Barnett has thrown out the first CHB. Now the question is, does he read SoSH?

(Not lived in New England for nearly thirty years, but I still love the Boston sports media fights, which even have a blog of their own too.)

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